What are the best earrings for children to wear to school?

If your child has their ears pierced you will need to choose some earrings that are suitable for them to wear to school.  It's important that you get earrings the child will love, the school will approve of and are safe for younger sensitive ears!

Here are some tips to help decide what earrings you child can wear to school:

Consider School Rules and Guidelines

Before purchasing earrings for your child to wear to school, it's important to check the school's dress code.  One of the things I love most about my job is meeting customers - I've had the pleasure of chatting to many young customers who tell me the most important thing that schools look for with earrings for children is:

  • Studs are best
  • They must be small
  • Earrings should be flat
  • May need to be easily removed for playing sport.

However, that absolutely doesn't mean they have to be boring!  I've got a great choice of school friendly earring designs and I think think this is one the reasons I have some many lovely young Lucy and Jane fans!

The small star studs and the cool lightning bolt studs are the probably the most popular earrings for school.  They are small enough to comply with rules but still a design that all kids (and lets face it adults too) love!


Consider Safety

Make sure you choose earrings that are hypoallergenic, to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in children. Look for earrings made from sterling silver, gold or surgical stainless steel as they are less likely to cause irritation.

Earrings with easy to remove butterfly backs are useful if children need to remove earrings at school, for example during games lessons.  Give them a small pouch or box to store their earrings in when doing games so they don't loose them.


Involve Your Child in the Decision-Making Process

While safety and school guidelines are important school earrings don't have to be dull so get the kids involved in choosing what earrings to wear to school.  I've created a section online with all the sterling silver studs that are generally school friendly. Allowing children to choose and involving them in the decision making gives them a sense of responsibility, so they're more more likely to take care of their earrings.


If you want to get some earrings as a gift for a child these kids surprise earrings treat boxes are a brilliant idea.  Only £15 for two surprise pairs of earrings - one of which will be a school friendly pair and a second fun colourful pair that they can wear at weekends and school holidays!