What's New

We love our personalised and hand stamped jewellery but we also love a fabulously quirky piece of jewellery too.  We know that our customers want something a bit different and that's why we fell head over heals for these roarsome dinosaurs.

Prices range from £10 for a pair of sterling silver studs to £35 for our large dino necklaces.

We've also introduced a brand new range of earring climbers. 

Climber earrings are bang on trend and these diamante sterling silver climbers are the perfect stylish choice.

Dazzling pieces that won't blow the budget.  This versatile piece of jewellery can be worn on its own or coordinated with other pieces of jewellery. 

How to wear: place the tip of the post through your piercing and continue threading through completely.  Flip the ear climber up, into the desired position. Gently squeeze the base of the ear climber and earring post with your forefinger and thumb, so it's secure but not pinching your earlobe.