Choosing Earrings For Children

I sell a wide range of earrings that appeal to children and make great gifts for kids.  I get lots of parents, grandparents and friends looking to buy earrings as gifts for children.

Please remember jewellery with small parts may present a choking hazard, so the earrings are only suitable for children over 3 years of age.

What to consider when choosing earrings for children

When choosing earrings for children things to watch out for include:

  • Look for earrings that are nickel free as children's ears are very sensitive. 
  • Gold, sterling silver and surgical steel are the best choices for children.
  • There is less chance of infection with these, but keep a close eye and remove earrings immediately if you see any signs of irritation.
  • Avoid costume jewellery, which has very thin plating that will easily wear off and start to irritate ears.
  • Avoid larger, long and dangly earrings for children.  Not only do these overwhelm a small face but they can easily get caught, so it's better to stick to smaller and flat earrings.
  • Choose fun shapes that children will enjoy wearing so that their piercings do not close.

This doesn't mean earrings for children have to be boring!  I've got so many fun and colourful sterling silver earrings in the collection that children love!  They also appeal to the kid in all of us and many of my colourful animal stud earrings are collected and worn by adults! 

What earrings are best for children

I find the simple sterling silver hearts or stars studs are brilliant for kids to wear to school.  They are pretty but flat and unobtrusive - the type of earrings acceptable in many schools. 

For outside school I've got lots of fun earrings - the animal studs, rainbows and sparkly studs are the most popular.

If you want to buy a child some earrings as a gift one great solution is the Kids Earring Treatbox - for £15 you get two surprise earrings wrapped in tissue that can be sent with a personal note in a handy letterbox sized box.

For the Kids Earring Treatbox I always add one pair of school friendly simpler styles and one pair of colourful fun earrings for outside of school.


I've pulled together a collection of children's earrings from the full range of earrings I sell that you'll find the most fun and easy earrings for kids to wear.

If you need more help on deciding which earrings to choose for a child why not check out my blog post about the most popular earrings for kids from last year.