Celestial Jewellery Trends 2022

Here comes the sun. And the moon. And the stars.

Does anyone else remember adorning their bedroom with moon and star charms in the 90s?  Well the trend for celestial is back in a big way with jewellery and fashion accessories this season.

After such a tough couple of years I think people are drawn to celestial motifs like moons, stars and suns  because these ethereal signs spark a feeling of joy and magic, and are associated with love, and protection.  Just the tonic after two years in a pandemic!

History of Celestial Jewellery

We know that stars and moons in jewellery goes back as far as the Romans and ancient Greeks.  Historians have found a treasure trove of golden artifacts decorated with crescent shapes and stars.

Moons in jewellery are said to symbolise femininity and new beginnings and stars symbolise romance, love and protection

The timelessness of stars, sun and moons means your jewellery pieces will never feel out of style, however there are some lovely on trend ways to wear your pieces.


Layering necklaces

The trend for layering necklaces, or creating a 'neck story' is still going strong and this look works particularly well with the mix of shorter necklaces with a the single star pendant.

Choose necklaces that enable you to wear them at different lengths.  A standard length chain is 18" or 45cm so pick a chain length that is 40cm or 50cm to sit with it to give you a nicely spaced out group of necklaces.

Sterling silver stars necklace layered with a longer single star necklace


Starry Ear Climbers

Climber earrings are a relatively new trend but are a brilliant way to get a statement look of without the needing more than one piercing. They are called 'climbers' because they literally climb up your ear.  They can be quite large and give a really distinctive appearance of multiple piercings or smaller for a more subtle look. 
Climbers lend themselves perfectly to celestial motifs as they work so well with lots of tiny stars or moons as constellations or shooting stars.

How to put on climber earrings:

Pop the climber's post through your piercing, once the post has gone all the way in flip the ear climber up to where you want it.  Then gently squeeze the post to hold it in place.  You'll find all our ear climbers are really easy and comfortable to wear!
Our latest ear climber is the beautiful sterling silver shooting star climber.  If you're after a bit of bling the sparkle stars climber will be perfect.

Close up of model's ear wearing a sterling silver stars earring that climbs up the ear in shape of a shooting star


Celestial Threader Earrings

 Sterling silver mismatched moon and star threader earrings

Threader earrings are long earrings on a chain with a post on one end that you thread through a piercing.  Then you pull the chain to the length that you want it.  They are very easy to wear as the chain is the same thickness as a normal earring post.

Some threaders come with a solid curved bar and which sits in the piercing and holds it in place at the half way point, other earring threaders don't have this bar and can be positioned at the length you choose.

Threaders work really well on their own or if you have multiple piercings you can loop the chain through two holes to create your own unique look.  They also look good worn with matching studs to create your own ear stack.


Sun Inspired Jewellery

 Gold sun hoops with gold sun stud earrings

You don't have to just stick to stars and moons to get the celestial look - sun earrings and necklaces are also a perfect accessory.  We particularly love these gold sun huggies and if you have an additional piercing they look brilliant with the gold sun studs!

We've also got some beautiful sun necklaces in either silver or gold.